Elevate OCR

Creating Stronger People By Overcoming Obstacles



Elevate OCR was created by Spartan SGX coach, Agoge and Death Race finisher Clay Speakman - with a mission to make stronger people through overcoming obstacles, on the course and in life.

Our goal is to make Obstacle Course Training more accessible to the 20 million people participating in OCR events each year worldwide.

Our Obstacle Fit program with UFC GYM delivers a high-intensity indoor, year-round obstacle training program for new and experienced OCR racers looking to gain experience and confidence.

Join us for a Free Trail Class and come see what Obstacle Fit can do to unlock your stronger self.



This is a code we live by, which allows us to be more comfortable being uncomfortable. If it doesn't scare you, it won't change you, and you don't get good at doing hard things by doing easy things. We unlock the stronger versions of our ourselves by Embracing The Suck in as many ways as possible.



Elevate OCR is partnering with UFC GYM New City NY to bring our weekly Obstacle Fit program - a dynamic obstacle fitness and training program ideal for new and experienced Spartan and OCR racers.

Weekly classes Tuesday & Thursday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 10:30am. See Plans & Pricing for details.

UFC GYM New City NY - 184 N Main St, New City, NY 10956, USA


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